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San Francisco HL Peninsula Restaurant is Peninsula Group ingeniously crafted new oversea brand. Inherited the always high-quality food, tasteful environment, advanced table service. Our attention to details are to be found everywhere. Bound to be your new favour dinning destination.

The interior design is a delicate combination of West modern and Chinese classical elements. Smooth lines and resplendent light together provide an elegant and luxurious space. Having the capacity to hold 50 seats banquet, it's the perfect place for your party, feast, team meetup and company event.




H.L.Peninsula Catering Group(Peninsula Group), founded by the famous Chef Li Yongzhou, mainly focuses on restaurant investment, restaurant operations & management, food manufacturing and business investment, with the mission of creating value for the society and customers.

With five restaurants in Guangzhou, Beijing and Vancouver,Peninsula Group also plays the role of management or consulting at a large number of upscale restaurants in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Chengdu, Changsha, Ningbo, Nanjing, Suzhou, Liuzhou, Zhengzhou, Xi’ning, Luoyang etc.

In 2006, Peninsula Group was titled “Top 10 Restaurant Management Companies in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau”, and in 2009, it won the “Excellent Chinese Enterprise Award”.

In 2008, the Group successfully obtained the ISO9001:2000 Certification from SGS in Switzerland, and then the ISO9001:2008 Certification in 2010, which indicates the steady development of the group.

2011 marks the start of the group’s food processing business which covers the material purchasing, production and sales of food. In this way, the Group took one more step toward a kingdom of food with diverse and characteristic business sectors.






Pacemaker amongupscale restaurants

Aiming at satisfying the needs ofsocial elite, Peninsula Groupdevelops business ideas and corporate cultureat a high level, trying to become an industry leader.

The wisdom and skills of everyone in and out of the Group are valued, for the purpose of building a competitive team, and furthermore, constantly pushing forward the development of the entire catering industry.

Creating excellence for customers is the eternal pursuit of the group. Following the principles of “Integrity, Steadiness, Inclusiveness and Aggressiveness”, the Group has been engaged in “creating excellence for customers”.

  • Integrity: We believe that honesty, reputation, conscience and responsibility form the foundation of our business.
  • Steadiness: We believe in pragmatic attitude, pursuit of truth, steady development and efficiency in all aspects, and we believe thatexistence depends on execution andsuccess depends on details.
  • Inclusiveness: We believe that only when we value thestrengthsand accept weaknesses of others, view and solve problems from diverse perspectives, and constantly analyze and apply various advanced management models, could we be really powerful.
  • Aggressiveness: We believe in ambition, perfection, and constant exploration, innovation and improvement, for they make us competitive and learning-oriented.

Adhering to customer orientation, we are engaged in creating nutritional value, health benefit, as well as happiness and harmony to the society. At the same time of helping customers build a healthy lifestyle, we are also trying to build a platform of communication which promotes family harmony and happiness.

Pursuit of excellence: For us, excellence means acclaimed products, premium service, high learning capacity and creativity, excellent reputation, as well as admirable profitability and market share, and the establishment of a respectable business and corporate culture.




把卓越的感受奉献给顾客。坚持以 “诚信、稳健、包容、进取”的行为准则推进优质高效的服务,致力于 “把卓越的感受奉献给顾客”

  • 诚信:以诚处世,以信立本,以良知和责任为座右铭。
  • 稳健:务实、求真、稳重、高效的作风。坚信执行力就是生命力、细节决定成败。
  • 包容:兼收并蓄,海纳百川,取他人之长,容他人之短。善于全方位的思考与处理问题,不断分析各种先进的管理模式并吸收应用。
  • 进取:力争上游,精益求精。不断探索、不断创新、不断提高,打造具有竞争力的学习型团队。



Peninsula Group has built a professionalmanagementteam composed of a number of famous experts and professionals, including world-renowned chefs and senior technicians, domestic experts in restaurantservice, famous Cantonese cuisine chefs, senior trainers, activity planners, dieticians, and senior professional managers. Their experiences of working at famous domestic and international catering brands give them not only rich experience, but also aggressive ambition, excellentmanagement skills, insistence on excellence, and also reliable reputation in the industry.


Excellent Market Development Capacity

As a Chinese brand,Peninsula Group has a good understanding ofconsumer preference in differentregions across China. With strengths inanalyzing the economic performance of the catering market from macro and micro perspectives, realizing management-operations interaction, and building reasonable business models and competitive teams, the Group helps itssubsidiariesto find their market positions using scientific methods,to develop product, price, channel and promotion strategies,to improve the management of marketing departments and personnel, and to develop effective incentive systems. In this way of fulfilling its duties, the Group can create tremendous economic benefits for consumers in a short period time, winning their trust.

High Service Quality

To ensure high service quality, the Group has formulated the Handbook of H.L.Peninsula Catering Group for Floor Staff, Handbook of H.L.Peninsula Catering Group for Kitchen Staff, Handbook of H.L.Peninsula Catering Group for the Logistics Department, and Five Principles (Frequent Training, Review, Cleaning, Standardization and Self-Discipline) for Restaurant Management. Certified to ISO9001:2000 by SGS in Switzerland, the Group has improved job responsibilities, workflows, operation specifications, and management systems related to food preparation and service. A detailed execution and operations system comprising regulations and procedures have been built.

Mature Management Model

Actively learningindustry advanced managementmethods and concepts, the Group has developed mature, standard and effectivemanagement systems and business models according to the characteristics of local catering markets and the types of different restaurants, leading the industry in terms of management and service.

Rich Experience In Restaurant Brand Building

Owning over ten restaurants, Peninsula Group has independently helped more than 60 restaurants in establishment, activity planning, and management. In thiscourse, it accumulated rich experience in restaurant establishment, brand building, and restaurant management. Its versatileprofessional team can provide customers with project lifecycle consulting and managementservices covering site selection, functional layout, renovationdesign,facilities and equipment, material supply, staff training, quality evaluation, product update, and operations management.

Normative Financial Management System

Aside from helping its subsidiaries maximize economic benefits through practical measures, theGroup has also formulated a series of financial management systems, primarily the CFO System, Contact Administration System, and Financial Auditing System, for the purpose of enhancing the financing management of its subsidiaries, promoting the concept of “transparent operations”, standardizing financial operations and business management, and constantly reducing operating costs.

High Reputation And Professional Qualities

Believing inintegrity and responsibility, the Group strictly follows regulations on material and product quality control. In addition, through the restaurant visiting system and periodical communication, the Group can keep an eye on the restaurants, so as to timely develops effective HR, marketing, and product update strategies and plans, providing high quality service to the restaurants constantly.

Challenge The Market With Innovation

As thedriving force of improvement and development, innovation gives Peninsula Group the power to challenge the market. Peninsula Groupis the proposer and advocator of“consumption without pressure”, an innovative restaurant consumptionconcept, andhas been developing“urban dishes” and “local dishes”. In addition, it has been trying to integrate and improve food materials, products and services from around the world, and promote the concepts of green eating and healthy eating. Dished developed by its have won a lot of awards, such as “Famous Chinese Dishes” and “Top 10 Cantonese Dishes”.

ISO9001:2000 Certification from SGS in Switzerland

  • In 2009, the Group successfully obtained the ISO9001:2000 Certification from SGS in Switzerland, which marks a breakthrough made by the Group in investment and operations management.
  • The ISO9001:2000 Certification stimulated the Group to pursue more scientific and advanced management methods, and develop more excellent international management systems, thus providing better management service to its customers, and more importantly, promoting the development of the catering industry and the society at large. Alwayskeeping a beginner’s attitude, the Group has never stopped learning in thecourseof development, moving forwardone step at a time. With systems and procedures developed based onISO9001:2000, the Group can, according to more international systems and standards, create value and wealth for the society, and service the society.
  • In 2010, SGS upgraded the Group’s certification to ISO9001: 2008.
















  • 2009年,半岛集团成功通过了瑞士SGS公司ISO9001﹕2000国际质量管理体系认证,这标志着公司在餐饮投资与营运管理方面的一次突破与提升。
  • 通过ISO9001﹕2000国际质量管理体系认证的半岛集团,将以更加科学、先进的管理水平,绩优、国际化的管理制度,更好的为企业服务,为餐饮业的发展与社会的进步添砖加瓦。一直以来,我们都以“小学生”的心态,抱着认真学习的态度,采取兼收并蓄的思想策略,在餐饮行业一步若干个脚印的行进,认证的通过,更加让半岛在制度到流程的落实上得到更大的提升,让我们有了更加国际化的制度和标准为社会创造价值与财富,服务于社会。
  • 2010年,半岛集团瑞士SGS公司的认证升级为ISO9001﹕2008国际质量管理体系认证。

Mr. Li Yongzhou has been working in the catering industry for more than 40 years. His career as a chef started from the 1970s when he immigrated to Hong Kong. After accumulating sufficient experience, Li went to the US for another try. Later when China’s catering industryshowed its boom, Li chose to come back to China to have a new start. Whenever he was and is, Li has never given up his identity and also his dream of being a chef. “Being a chef is my life-time pursuit, a career that I love, and the most important part in my life,” Li said. In the course of working at large brands, Liaccumulatedabundant experience in international catering and restaurant management. In 2002, Li establishedPeninsular Catering Management and Consulting Co., Ltd., for the purpose of introducing his experience to more restaurants and catering companies. Through constant promotion and innovation of culinary concepts, Li has been contributing to the healthy development of the catering industry in a practical, attentiveand professional way.

Li obtained the titles of “National Senior Chef” and “Senior Technician” in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Later, he won the title of “Top 10 Famous Chefs in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao”. 2002 and 2004 recorded the confirmation of his skills by a large number of awards and honors, including the Chaine des Rotisseurs Gold Medal, Commanderies des Cordons Bleus de France Gold Medal, Royal Taste Medal issued by the French Federation of Spirits Producers, Famous Chef Medal and Certification issued by the French Federation of Famous Chefs, “International Master of Culinary Arts Award” and “International Gourmet Judge Award” issued by the International Hotel & Restaurant Association,“International Gourmet Doctor”issued by the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs,Honorary President of the Ordre International des Disciples d'Auguste Escoffier China, and Honorary President of the Culinary Art Master Club. In 2006 and 2009, Li was titled “Top 10 Figures of the Year at Hotels and Restaurants in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao” and “Outstanding Figures Promoting the Development of Cantonese Cuisine” respectively. In the two consecutive years of 2009 and 2010, Li won the titles of “Excellent Chinese Entrepreneurs” and “Figures with Outstanding Contributions to the Development of the Cantonese Cuisine Industry”, whichconfirmedhis contributions to industry development. In 2011 and 2012, Li was granted the titles of “Father of Gastronomy” and “King of Chefs”by the Ordre International des Disciples d'Auguste Escoffier. In 2013, Li was titled “2013Outstanding Figures Promoting Industry Development”, and in 2014, Li won the “Contribution to Charity Award” jointly granted by the Guangzhou Charity Association and Guangzhou Chamber of Commerce for Overseas Chinese Enterprises. Also in 2014, Li was selected as the Vice President of the China Hotel Association Famous Chef Council, and granted the title of “Gourmet Doctor” by San Gabriel Unified School District.


Our operations around the globe.

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Peninsula Mingxuan Restaurant (Guangzhou)
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